How to Feel Great Throughout the Holiday Season!

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I absolutely LOVE the Christmas holidays! The gatherings, the glowing lights, the wreaths, the sparkly decorations, warms fires, musical cheer and best of all the food! Ooooh the food! This is the time of the year where I allow myself to enjoy those special treats. Everyone has their own personal favorites and mine range from gingerbread to pancakes, stuffing, eggnog, mulled wine and hot cocoa! Delicious! Inevitably, I end up with some indigestion. The holiday season typically results in the worst period of time for digestion and weight gain – cue the booing – and we pay for it through January. So how can you avoid the holiday season hangover without completely depriving yourself of all the things you love?

Here are seven things you can do to feel great throughout the holidays and also avoid the hangover…

Have Digestive Aid Complex on hand. It’s an A. Vogel product
with key botanicals that are incredible to help with digestion. It can be used for heartburn, acid reflux, nausea, feeling of abnormal or slow digestion or early satiety. It can also be taken before bed to avoid the effects of overindulgence of food or drink. Priceless to have over the holidays!

Choose your epic meal. Don’t completely deprive yourself of the things you love because that will more than likely only result in serious overindulging. Plan ahead of time the meal event that you want to really enjoy each week of the festive season and push the boat out on that one meal. Do you best to control yourself the rest of the week.

Be picky. Pick and choose very carefully which foods you will and won’t eat. If you don’t absolutely love it and get excited about it, then don’t eat it.

One to one, alcoholic drink to water. If you have a drink of water between each alcoholic beverage you consume, it’ll help to keep you hydrated, you’ll drink less, eat less and your hangover won’t be so bad either.

Beware of liquid calories. These are the really tasty drinks and it’s shocking how many calories they can add up to. A cup of eggnog and rum for example, will add on a shocking extra 460 calories to your meal!

Wear fitted clothes. Wearing clothes with little to no extra room to grow, will either leave you feeling quite uncomfortably full and thinking “I won’t do that again” or keep you motivated to watch what you’re eating.

Stay active. Go for a walk after your big meal and don’t slack on your gym or workout routine wether it be yoga, swimming, resistance training or running. Staying active will help you burn the extra calories and keep your immune system strong.

Don’t beat yourself up. Chances are, you’ll enthusiastically overdo it at some point and if you do, may as well do it guilt free. Tomorrow is a new day, start it with gusto and no regrets.

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