How to Relieve Your Anxiety as a Parent

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As a mother of two and someone who has struggled with anxiety long before becoming a parent, I can tell you that parenthood can certainly bring about the lions share of my daily anxieties and I’m definitely not alone! The list of things I could constantly worry about as a parent is endless. So I’ve had to give myself a reality check and do some grounding because otherwise the anxiety can really suck the joy out of being a parent.

Having only recently transitioned to being a mom of two, its been easy for anxiety to creep in to my day and if I let it, it can take over my day. A simple trip to the park with both infant and very active toddler has me worrying about kidnapping, broken bones and all sorts of tumbles while I try to peacefully nurse my infant and not offend anyone in the process. Sigh. Sound familiar?

Ordinary anxiety is the feeling of fear, nervous uneasiness or apprehension for an event in the future.  It’s a feeling that comes and goes, but doesn’t interfere with your daily life. If the feelings are intense or last for more than six months, then you may need to speak to a professional to help you manage what you are feeling, so that you can feel more calm about your day.

So what can you do on your own to prevent anxiety from running away with your sanity?

“According to Dr. Boyes, author of “The Anxiety Toolkit” (courtesy of Psychology Today[1])

  • Learn the real risks and facts.
  • Teaching your child healthy, effective ways to cope with anxiety, without avoiding, can help you both.
  • Try mindfulness exercises alongside your child.
  • Practice slow breathing when you need to reduce your physiological arousal
  • Write out the pros and cons of parenting your child in an overprotective way. This will help balance your thinking
  • Confront fears with reasonable action. For example, if you are concerned your child might have ADHD, then take her for an assessment with a child psychologist. Doing something reasonable with your fears. Better than compulsively worrying or repeatedly Googling “signs of ADHD””***

In addition to the above tools, there are a few supplements that can help calm your mind and body when you can feel the anxiety starting to take over. Here are my top three…

Glycine. Glycine is an inhibitory neurotransmitter and it helps to calm your mind when you’re in overdrive. It comes in white powder form and all you need is two pinches under your tongue at the time when you’re feeling anxious.

Passion Flower is a wonderfully calming medicinal plant and has been proven to work just as well as some medications[2] prescribed for generalized anxiety, but with no side effects. A. Vogel has a fresh herb Passiflora tincture that is fantastic and specifically meant to treat nervousness, restlessness, agitation, irritability and insomnia. Because it’s fresh, you get a much more effective product. Check it out HERE.

Avenaforce is another product by A. Vogel and it’s a homeopathic remedy that functions as a nerve tonic for those suffering from anxiety due to stress and burnout. It’s what’s called a nerve tonic, so it helps calm your nerves and it also fortifies them. Check it out HERE.


***please refer to THIS link for the full description by Dr. Boyes.


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