Family and Work Balance

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The sometimes elusive family and work balance is a topic that most of us have struggled with or do struggle with now. For our family this is a constant work in progress! But after speaking to the experts, i.e. Moms and families that seem to have it down as well as a few healthcare providers, I’ve put together a few tips for you to help bring your life closer to balance. These tips are also things that worked for me to help me achieve what I felt was a peaceful rhythm to our everyday.

Let Go

Let go of your mom guilt and perception that perfection is the only option. There is always plenty of mom guilt to go around and chances are that you’re doing your absolute best with what you have. So take a few deep belly breaths like you would in yoga, chin up, shoulders back (thank you dad) you are a great mom – the best! About perfection, its great to strive to do your best and don’t get me wrong this is what I strive for too, but when it rigidly becomes the only option, this can lead to intense feelings of anxiety and possibly even depression, when things don’t work out the way you want them to. So what to do? Do you. Do your best with what you’ve got and know that nobody is perfect, no matter how perfect they look on social media. Find yourself a support network, a “village”, a group of fellow moms that is open and supportive, that you can speak to about all things mom. You got this mama!

Figure out what your time eaters are

I love this one. It really hits home for me. While going through naturopathic college, I quickly learned that I only have so much energy and so much time in a day to accomplish my short and long term goals. This meant that I needed to trim out the things in my day that were eating away at my time, things like blindly creeping Facebook or checking my email every 30 minutes or checking my text messages & sending texts every 5 minutes. These little time wasters don’t seem like much, but 2 min here, 10 min there all adds up for your day and it could easily be 2 hours that you could have been using for playtime with your tot or some much needed one on one time with your partner. Instead, set aside a block of time to do only this email or whatever it is and use it efficiently.

Schedule Family Time

This is very important. I personally had a difficult time with scheduling family time at first, not because I didn’t want to spend the time, but instead because I felt like scheduling this time would box me in to having only that time with my family. But I found the opposite happened. Instead, we had clear times to spend together and that time was always guaranteed. Sometimes we spent more time together and that was heaven to me. However, if it wasn’t scheduled then there was always something else that could and would be done. An online calendar like the one Google offers can have all family members adding different events and the calendars will all sync so that everyone knows what the schedule looks like and there are no surprises. If you’re looking for an option that doesn’t involve a device or technology, buy a family calendar and put it up in a place where everyone will see and different family members are highlighted in different colors.

Self Care

This is something that most moms struggle with because most of us are very giving by nature and we tend to put ourselves last on our giving list, when we should really be first. Make self care a priority and put it in to your schedule or family calendar just like you would a trip to the dentist. A happy and relaxed mom generally means happy kids and family. Self care can be anything that is exclusively for your wellbeing and happiness such as a relaxing bath, your favorite yoga class, 30 min or solo quiet time, an afternoon to yourself or a mani pedi. Basically whatever helps you take the mental and physical load off of your plate for a little. It can also include ensuring your own nourishment or nutrition because the more well nourished you are, the more energy and focus you’ll have to accomplish your goals and the better your sleep will be and sleep helps restore energy. A. Vogel’s Bio-Strath is an easy addition to your everyday that will kill several birds with one stone so to speak. Follow me on Instagram (DocSarahVND) to find out why Bio-Strath is so great and for more of my favorite products that help improve your energy and sleep!

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