Toddler Approved Summer Snacks

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This summer has been a hot one and so keeping cool with healthy snacks is on my mind! Because I also recently gave birth to our second baby girl, life is extra busy and so fast easy and refreshing snacks are what I go for.

I do my best to use as little sugar as possible and if I want to sweeten a recipe, I try with stevia first. Sometimes it doesn’t work out because the taste isn’t quite right, but I don’t use it much anyway. From the beginning with my first baby girl, I’ve tried to keep the sugary artificial snacks to parties and special occasions as much as possible! The challenge is our daddy, who happens to have a serious sweet tooth and a thing for chocolate! Sometimes I just let it go and enjoy it because let’s be honest, I do love chocolate!

I also sneak in veggies wherever I can! So here are a few of our favorite fast and easy recipes.

Watermelon Pops

What you’ll need:

  • A large round slice of watermelon cut 1 inch thick
  • 8 wooden popsicle sticks


  • Cut the watermelon slice in to 8 triangle slices
  • With a small knife cut a tiny slit in to the skin of each slice and push the stick in to the slit.
  • Freeze on a tray for 1 hour. The slices can me stored in freezer bags for a longer time.

Squeezed Juice Popsicles


I’ve recently discovered Biotta juices and LOVE them! They’re organic, squeezed and have great mixes with fruits and vegetables, no added sugar, colorings, preservatives or flavors. Pasteurized at low temperatures, which allows them to retain a lot of their nutritional value! Oh and they taste GREAT, so this is what I use for our popsicles these days and my daughter loves them! I actually have a hard time stopping her from drinking the juice when we pour the popsicles!

What you’ll need:


  • Pour juice in to your favorite popsicle molds
  • Freeze for 3 hours
  • Enjoy!

Fruit Spring Rolls

This recipe is new to me and oh so exciting! Although I have yet to master the visual beauty of these spring rolls, they taste amazing! 

What You’ll Need:

  • Rice paper
  • 2 cans of coconut cream
  • 1 cup of Jasmin rice
  • Maple Syrup to taste and preference (omit if preferred)
  • Filling: strawberries, mango and peach. Slice, shred or chop as preferred.

Instructions For the Rice:

  • If you have an Instantpot for THIS recipe IF NOT, make rice as you normally would in a pot, but substitute water with canned coconut milk.
  • Let rice cool before using it.

Instructions For Filling:

  • Slice, shred or chop fruits and veggies as you prefer. 
  • Toss in a little maple syrup if you want to sweeten your filling. Or simply omit this step.

Instructions For Wraps:

  • Fill a large bowl with warm water
  • Dip one sheet of the rice paper in the water for 10-15 seconds or until slightly soft. Remove the paper and place it on a dry surface (plate, marble, glass, stone but not wood)
  • Arrange the rice in the middle of the paper and arrange your filling directly in front of the rice.
  • Roll it up like a burrito, making sure to fold in the ends.
  • Dip in sauce of your choice or not at all!

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