Relief From Allergies

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Spring has sprung and with all great sunny, warm weather comes the beautiful blossoming of trees, flowers and green grass that I love so much! However, along with all of that comes allergy season and that puts a real damper on my eagerness to get outside!

Allergies are the result of an inappropriate immune reaction, to what is usually a harmless substance. This bodily reaction can cause symptoms like itchy, watery eyes, constant sneezing, stuffy nose, sinus congestion, fog brain, fatigue, eczema, asthma and even anaphylaxis.

The Canadian allergy season starts off with tree pollen in about April and then in August grass and ragweed become the main culprits. Here are a few of my go-tos as a mom with the education of a naturopathic doctor.

Keep An Eye on What’s In Season

Once you know which pollen(s) affect you or even if you don’t know which ones are getting to you, you can use the Weather Networks daily pollen report for your area, to help you figure it out. Knowing which trees are pollinating will also help you figure out wether what you’re experiencing is actually allergies or possibly a cold, so that you can use the right treatment. This can also help you prepare ahead of time next year.

Nettle Tea

Nettle Tea has natural antihistamine properties so it helps lessen the symptoms of allergies. All types of allergies. These properties come from antioxidants such as quercetin, which help down regulate inflammatory pathways resulting in less inflammation and less reaction. Bonus: Nettle is also packed with micro minerals that your body needs for all sorts of metabolic pathways, including metabolism and bone formation. 

Here’s how to use nettle, 1-2 tsp of loose leaf nettle tea in a large cup of boiled water. Let steep for at least ten minutes. Alternatively, you can use 4 tsps of tea in a pot of boiled water and let steep overnight. The steeped tea can be put in a jug, stored in the fridge and sipped throughout the day for the entire season.

Diet Changes

The aim of these diet changes is to significantly reduce inflammation by first eliminating the foods you know your body reacts negatively to and then also eliminating the top common foods that are cause immune reactions. In addition to eliminating the foods you know don’t agree with you, eliminate sugars, alcohol, caffeine, dairy, bananas, citrus, chocolate, and sugars. Making these changes will help lessen inflammation and also the symptoms of allergies.


A healthy gut with all the right healthy bacteria in balance, results in a healthy balanced immune system, significantly less inflammation and as a result fewer or no allergic reactions. Take probiotics daily.

A. Vogel’s Allergy Relief

Part of the reason I love this particular product, is because it’s safe for pregnant and nursing moms as well as children 2+, which means the entire family can use it, which is a big BONUS!

It’s a homeopathic remedy, is non-drowsy and won’t cause any side effects, unlike anti-histamines that knock me right out! It also doesn’t cause rebound symptoms. Another reason I LOVE this product, is because it doesn’t only target seasonal allergies, but it also targets allergies to animals and when used long term helps to desensitize the body from allergens!

It comes in three forms, tablets, tincture, but I like the nasal spray because it can be sprayed directly in your eyes because it’s in a saline solution.

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