Natural treatments for bumps and bruises

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The warm sunny weather is here and we love to be outside as much as possible. If you have a little one like me, you know this is the season for bumps, bruises and a few tears to go along with them. While hugs, kisses and a popsicle will soothe the soul, I always try to treat these injuries in ways that will help support the body to heal on it’s own. Our body is programmed to do this automatically and given the right environment and it does a great job!

Bumps or goose eggs (hematomas in medical lingo) are solid swellings of clotted blood within the tissues of the body. A bruise (contusion in medical lingo) is an area of injured tissue or skin in which the blood capillaries have been broken.
So what are some easy steps you can take to make sure you and your little ones are well supported to heal naturally? Here’s what I do…
Immediate treatment
Cold/Ice compress for roughly 10 minutes or less, however long can be tolerated. You can use a gel pack, frozen peas, corn, ice or something similar from your freezer and wrap the frozen item in a cloth that will protect the skin from direct contact. No direct contact with the skin from a frozen source. Do this cold application a few times throughout the rest of the day.
Once you are confident that the injury is an uncomplicated bump or bruise and after roughly 48 hours, you can alternate warm and cold applications, to help increase circulation and healing of the injured tissue.
Oral and Topical Support
Arnica is my go-to, to help heal bumps and bruises. It can be taken orally as a homeopathic and it can also be used topically. I personally love A. Vogel’s Arnica Gel . First, all but one of A. Vogel’s entire line of products are certified organic by Bio Suisse, so this means high standards and a top notch product. Second, their gel is made from fresh arnica flowers, picked no more than 24 hours before being used to make the gel. This is as fresh as it gets! In addition to this, I personally like to buy products that can be used by the entire family and this gel can be used by anyone in the family 2 years and older – BONUS POINTS for treating the entire family!
This particular arnica gel also helps reduce pain and calm inflammation in the joints, which means that it helps relieve symptoms of Osteoarthritis in the joints of the hands and knees.
When To Take Your Little One To Be Seen By The Doctor
If you feel your little one has had a particularly hard hit and you think that they may have potentially suffered a concussion, skull fracture, broken bone or internal injury, then go with your gut and take him or her in to be checked by a doctor. If he or she is nauseous, vomits or behaves oddly in the 48 hours after the incident, then take her to see a doctor right away. Also take her in to be checked if there is any bruising behind the ear (which is a sign of a concussion or serious head trauma), if she has difficulty moving a joint or a limb or if she starts to show signs of infection (redness and heat), also take him or her in to be checked.

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